Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving the rototillers

Today we moved Velma and Roxie again. They've matured enough to go to their 3rd home on our property.  Here they were in their 2nd home.  Note the green in the picture.

Here's what that same space looks like after just over a month.

Our plan is to plant some grain in this pen to feed the goats, chickens and donkeys next summer. 

Two years ago we had two Appalachian Trail thru hikers stay here.  We don't live far from the AT so it's a convenient place for a hiker to get a real shower, eat some home cooked food, check emails and sleep in a real bed.  This weekend one of those hikers returned for a visit.  He's from Mississippi but is doing an internship at a farm just an hour from here so we were happy to see him again.   He's learned a lot this summer and shared some of what he learned about rotating livestock, growing grass and tomatoes and all kinds of things with us.  He helped us corral and move the pigs.  It's was kind of exciting.  James got so excited that he turned the camera off while he was recording them loading into the crate.
Here they are in their new home.
They seemed pretty happy to have grass to eat again and when we checked on them later in the day it looked like they were enjoying their nap in the house too.  I can't wait to see how long it takes them to rototill this grassy garden in our field into a beautiful bed of soil ,ready to be planted.

It was fun sharing ideas with a 25 year old who has some of the same interests.  Dustin will be a successful  farmer one day.

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