Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Donkey videos

I'm really enjoying training my donkeys to lead.  They're really smart, have so much personality and say so much with their eyes and ears.  Wilson seems to love the attention and wants to please (I think).  He's a little ornery and pushes, nips or gooses me.  We need to work on that.  I think he'd be great to train to pull a cart or plow. 

Today I typed "donkey" into Youtube to see what came up.  Well, I got hooked and spent LOTS of time watching and laughing at videos.  Okay, some of them I won't post on here but they were funny and a bit obscene.  I'll only post the ones I really liked.  I think my donkey-owning-friends will love them.

This one is called Trumpet and Donkey 

This one is called Donkey Balls 

This one is just cute 

And then, because I have an African Grey Parrot, I just loved this one. 

Ok, I'll stop now. 


  1. Ok, so you definitely were right. At least one of your donkey owning friends liked the videos. I have done the same thing on youtube, more than once. I just love those long ears! :)

  2. You know I feel the same way about Donkeys - SF is a daily source of amusement and joy! Tim wants a pack sling for Christmas so we can train him to carry gear for long hikes on the parkway (of course we'll need a horse trailer too which will be the bigger obstacle!) I'm glad your training is going so well and that you are enjoying it! Phyllis