Monday, August 15, 2011

Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen

I used to think I was a decent cook.  After today I'm rethinking that.  Here's a picture of my second batch of  bagels.  They turned out even worse than yesterday's.  I used to be able to make bagels.  I don't know what happened.  Out of practice, that's for sure.
To the right of the pancake bagel is a cushaw squash James grew.  That was going to be dinner tonight.  Was.  It was the most bitter squash I've ever tasted.  Hopefully the ones still on the vines will be better and this one just wasn't ripe enough.  It had fallen off it's vine so I thought I'd give it a try.

Earlier a friend dropped by and we did a cheese tasting.  I think we tried 6 cheeses and I really only liked 2 of them.  I hate spending all that time making cheese and wasting milk just to make something to feed chickens and pigs.   The pigs go nuts over it.  No one can say I don't feed my animals well. 

Here's someone who showed up a little late for dinner and was pretty persistent about wanting to be invited in. 

This is the same chicken who hung out with us on the front steps last night while it was raining.  It seems he doesn't want to sleep with his hatchlings and either wants to sleep in our house or on the front step.  We moved him over with our older chickens tonight to see if he likes it better with them.  He'll wake up with strangers tomorrow morning.

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