Thursday, June 16, 2011

A friend to the rescue

It's good I didn't blog earlier today because it wouldn't have been pretty.  For those of you who might possibly think I'm a happy-go-lucky sweet person, well, I hate to let you down.  I can be pretty pissy sometimes.  Today was one of those days. 

If you read yesterday's blog you saw that Tila was very unhappy here.  Today was no different.  She's still crying but in a different, just-as-unpleasant voice.  I feel so sorry for her but no matter what I do I can't help her get over missing her mom.  To get an idea of how it sounded here today turn up the volume on your speakers.  Here is a very sad Tila.  It's got to get better.

To make matters worse, much worse, I picked a scab off Darla's neck and was able to squeeze some pus from the site of where her abscess was.  I was sick about it.  James and some friends arrived just in time to see me crying somewhat uncontrollably.  Crying is never pretty, is it?  I could barely concentrate on their conversation during lunch.  At one point one of the well-intentioned friends told me it was time to dispatch of this goat.  I know she meant well, and she's probably right, but it came at a time when I wasn't ready to talk about that. 

So went my afternoon.  I finished up making some Manchego cheese not feeling very enthused, which is too bad.  Yesterday I bought a wine refrigerator to keep my cheeses in since I've had very little luck keeping the mold under control in my little cheese room.  A wine cooler holds the same temperature that cheese is meant to age at so I'm hoping this might be the answer. 

I should also have been happy today because our friend and electrician, Fred, dug the trench to put electric in the barn so I don't have to milk by lantern at night.  That's his truck you see in the videos I posted above. 

Fortunately this afternoon I got a call from my friend and neighbor, Lauren, telling me she was coming by and did I need anything while she was in town.  I asked her if she could stop at the healthy food store and pick up some grapefruit seed oil extract to try on Darla.  Another friend, Lindy, suggested it might help.  It has many of the same qualities as antibiotics.  What do I have to lose at this point?  If it works, Lindy, I owe you big time.

Lauren showed up with my oil, along with a bottle of wine to share, some essential oils and many of her homemade salves.  We sat, chatted, laughed and drank wine and when she left I sniffed many of the essential oils she gave me and now I feel so much better.  

What would I do without my friends?


  1. Ugh. Sorry you had such an overwhelming day. A little wine and a good friend always make things better. Hope the oil helps Darla!

  2. i love your videos! you preserved little tila perfectly and when she is older you can play it back for her when her boyfriend comes over for dinner. ha ha! good luck with darla. she is a very sweet girl. and thanks again for a wonderful afternoon. i just love knowing that i am surrounded by kind folks. i feel so safe and secure in the valley there. minus the threat of the resident coyote of course! take care karen, L

  3. Which day shall I bring wine? It sounds like more than a one friend one bottle one day situation. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  4. Oh, poor Tila. And poor Kpannabecker! Do you have any essential oils you could use on Tila? Perhaps a glass of wine would help her as well? I hope she settles down soon. :(

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I almost cried listening to Tila's mournful cry! That's is a heart wrenching sound for sure. I feel so bad for you! I know Tila will settle in just fine. You may need a few more bottles of wine waiting on it, though! What a sweet friend you have. I pray the grapefruit seed oil extract works on Darla.