Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another field trip at Elk Cliff Farm

Adam's tourism class from Radford U. took a field trip to our farm today.   It was fun watching Adam lead the group and talk about what James and I do and what was what.  He told us to jump in and answer questions when he didn't know the answers.  He even had to wear a microphone.  I wish I'd videoed him.  I'm sure he wouldn't have appreciated that though.  He showed them the goats and donkeys and they gave them treats.  He took them on a tour of the garden and some of them picked vegetables then took a quick peek at the young chickens and rabbits.  Much to my embarrassment  he took them down in our basement to show them where I make cheese and wine.  Had I known that I would have cleaned up down there and perhaps seen the dead mouse in the trap and emptied it so his professor didn't have to tell me we caught one.  They went down to see the river and take a quick dip before dinner.  He talked to them a little about how we built the pizza oven and then they made pizzas with dough made from our wheat, sauce from our tomatoes, vegetables from our garden and cheese from our goat's milk.  I always like when others want to make the pizza themselves and I get to watch.  I think they enjoyed it even though it was 96 degrees and they were standing in front of a fire.

All in all, I think it was a successful field trip and Adam was pleased with how it went.  Don't tell him I said this but, I think he's proud of his parents and home.

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