Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thinking alike

Here are two gift tags from our Christmas gifts this year.
Both of us addressed the card to both of us instead of just the other person.  The gifts?  Two cheese slicers.  They aren't the same kind but still it was funny that we both gave ourselves the same thing.  I can't recall the two of us ever discussing how we should get one.  We broke our old one about a year ago so it's not like it happened right before Christmas when we were trying to come up with gift ideas.  Yes, since I make lots of cheese, we eat lots of cheese.

I'm told when you live with someone you become more like them or at least think like them.  I guess that's true.  It even happens with me and Adam.  He can attest to that.  Even though he's away at school he and I sometimes must send each other signals through space.  I can't tell you how many times one of us calls the other and the other laughs and says, "I was just dialling your number".  Or we open our cell phone and the other one is already on there without it ringing. 

This must happen to all families but lots of times I think things happen to everyone else and I'm told they don't.  For instance, I'm a dreamer, and I don't mean in my sleep (I do that too though).  I mean I always have dreams about what I'd like to do, places I'd like to live, things I'd like to build, whatever.  One of my friends tells me she doesn't have dreams.  I don't believe her but maybe I should.  I even found myself making suggestions of things she might dream about.  So is there anyone out there who has never felt a "thought connection" with a family member?


  1. mary pannabecker steinerDecember 29, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    I have those all the time with the girls. And you know I dream. Like right now, I'm dreaming about what sewing project to begin. What would be the most fun? I need something that's fun and not taxing. I'm also dreaming about what I'll say when my voice returns. :) Love you.

  2. i too dream all the time - sometimes at the worst time possible like while driving! i love having those weird phone connections, but they surprise me and make me forget why i was calling. i try to write down things to remember, but the lists can get very overwhelming. it's a lot easier to just watch the animals and let the thoughts come and go. when something sticks then i know it's important. i think kids take all kinds of medication now to be able to focus better and i have thought about looking into that myself, but then i am afraid that i would loose my creativity. L

  3. I am dreaming of swinging on my barn pulley I put up today. My neighbor gave me an old iron barn pulley for Christmas so I hung it up in the loft. It adds a nice look to the barn and will be functional when I scythe more hay this summer. We could have a hay harvest party!