Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An early Christmas

I got an early Christmas present today, a Food Saver.  I bought it to seal my cheeses in instead of waxing them.  This way I can see if there is mold growing on the cheese and it should also prevent molds from growing.  We'll also use it for freezing vegetables, fruit and meat next year without freezer burn.  It came with a canister you can vacuum the oxygen out of.  I put 3 bags of rice in it to see if it will solve our moth problem.  It's frustrating to open a back of rice or corn meal and find moths and webs.   Not only is it a cool tool, it's fun to use too.  I hope we're happy with it a year from now.
I haven't been able to make cheese lately since we're not getting much milk.  I've been making soap instead.  I made some liquid soap this week and it takes so much more time than bar soap.  I don't really understand the whole process either.  Mine turned out ok but it's a little runnier than I'd have liked.  Still, it was fun to make.

Since it's so cold out I'm trying to find things to do indoors.  When I was a kid my parents always gave me a craft for Christmas so I'd have something to do on Christmas day.  That was always my favorite gift.  I wanted something like that today.  I could only play with my Food Saver for so long  and we have enough soap to last at least 6 more months so I needed to think of something else to do.  I know it's not Easter but I thought coloring eggs might be fun and I could make Christmas ornaments out of them if they come out ok.  They're not done yet but I want to think some more about what I want to do with them.  Besides, if I finished them today I wouldn't have them to work on tomorrow.


  1. You can come and play with fleece, and felt and beachballs at my house

  2. awesome!!! keep up the good work! your eggs look better than mine. by the way - i love love love my soap. thanks again. hope all's well. :) :) :) L