Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm not very good at being single

James and Adam went to Ohio this week to be with James' mom and sister.  They've only been gone 3 days and already I'm ready for them to come home.  I watch way too much TV and eat too much or too little.  I don't fix the healthy meals I do when they're here.

Today my friends, Lucas and Anne, came over to make Manchego cheese with their cow's milk.  It was so nice to have company and feel productive, even though I let them do their own cheese making.  I just provided the equipment, a very nutritious lunch (frozen pizza) and Youtube videos for entertainment.  They helped me take pictures of the animals for our Christmas card.  Stay tuned for those pictures.

Here's one of my more recent favorite Youtube videos I shared with them (thanks to Jerry for introducing me to it).  Lucas and Anne were just as amused with it as I am, I think.

There were a few other parrot videos we loved too but maybe I'll save them for a later date.


  1. mary pannabecker steinerDecember 20, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    Thank you for sharing James and Adam (and Manley) with us. It's been great having them here. And the Manchego is great! I'm saving the other two for the girls to try with us.

  2. hi there. glad you are doing well. your eggs are beautiful! looking forward to getting together soon and sharing more craft secrets. i want you to see my goat pyramid i made out of cinderblocks. the girls like it. i like it. that's all that matters. hope your farming is charming. take care, L