Friday, December 24, 2010

In PA for Christmas

Believe it or not, we left the farm for 4 days.  My good friend, Marilyn, is staying with our furry family so I'm sure they're in good hands.  We're spending Christmas with my family, staying with my parents.
This is my mom, Jane.  As you can see, she's up to no good.

Take a look on the louvered doors beside her.  Every year she hangs Christmas cards on the doors.  Unlike me, who, as you may remember, thinks I'm doing great just to color some eggs to put on a cedar sprig, my mom covers most surfaces with something red, green, sparkly or snow covered.  They put lights on the outside of the house and candles in all the windows too.  You will find plaques that say, "let it snow", around the house, even though my dad hates snow.  Her decorations wouldn't be complete without the Christmas village and Christmas cactuses.  Or is it cacti?

Sharing in the decorating duties is my dad.  Most people call him Skeets.  Here he is below.  You may mistake him for the grinch because he doesn't like to smile for the camera.  Nevertheless, this is him being happy.  He's just keeping it all inside.
This next picture is of my spoiled little sister, Bridget (seated next to the Let It Snow snowmen).

If you page back up to the picture of my mom next to the refrigerator you'll see there are many pictures of Bridget on their refrigerator and only one of me.  I do want to point out though, that there are no pictures of my 2 older sisters on the refrigerator.  I wonder if they take mine down when I'm not here and put theirs up when they come to visit.  I sure hope my sisters don't read this blog entry.  I'd hate for them to have their feelings hurt around Christmas. 

Tonight we will visit my 96 year old grandfather (Pop Pop) and there will probably be cousins, aunts and uncles there too.   From there off to the Christmas Eve. service where I'll get to see more cousins and lots of people I knew growing up.  Tomorrow, after opening our presents, we'll go to my sister's and see the rest of my family.  That's always lots of fun, all my nieces trying to outdo each other in volume.  Actually all of us do that.  It's a family trait.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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