Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unexpected visitors

Having farm animals seems to invite visitors it seems.  Today I decided to build my spoiled goats a jungle gym.  I thought I could finish it in a few hours but that was not to be.  Shortly after plugging in my saw a little green Geo pulled into our driveway.  A man in a sport coat and jeans got out.  He introduced himself as the brother-in-law of some good friends (and neighbors) of ours.  He really buttered me up by telling me how much our friends loved me and told me what a beautiful woman I was and how lucky my husband was.  Whoa!  I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.  He asked if I would show him around our farm.  I did.  Every time I showed him something or even spoke he said, "Amen" or "Praise the Lord".  He asked if he could hug me within 3 minutes of knowing me.  I agreed with him, yes, I'm a very blessed woman, many times.  I showed him our chickens, goats and barn while he showered, "how precious" es again and again.  As I took him to show him James' gardens James came out and Fred immediately hugged him and told him that, "this woman sure loves you".  I do but I don't remember telling Fred how much.  Ok, he was a really nice guy and I told him of course he could bring his wife and granddaughter back to visit.  As he pulled out of our driveway he told us he loved us for at least the 3rd time.  I wonder if we'll see Fred again.

A short while later another man rode up our driveway on a bicycle.  He lives somewhat nearby and I kind of know him.  He and I had spoken earlier about him getting some of our fertile eggs to put under his broody banty hens.  He wants some larger chickens like ours but only has bantys so I gave him 4 eggs, the only four our broody hen hasn't ruined.  She keeps changing nests then giving up on them so I feel like we can't eat the eggs she warmed up.  I'm tempted to just take them out from under her since she's just going to waste them anyway.

Next a woman came to get 2 gallons of goat milk.  She wasn't unexpected though.  I had called her earlier in the day to tell her we had extra milk.  A while back I met her at a party and we exchanged phone numbers.  She told me to call her when we had extra so I did.  She brought us some roasted baby eggplants (frozen).  I can't wait to try them.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finish the jungle gym.  I had planned to post a picture of it tonight but there's not much to look at.


  1. I think that guy might be a little creepy anywhere else, but in your neck of the woods, it seems kind of "normal."

    The cheeses look awesome. Do you guys drink goats milk instead of cows milk? I can't imagine what you'd do with all that milk? Does it last very long?

    Kathy T.

  2. Kathy, Even here it's not normal. Yes, more people here who aren't related tell me they love me but not total strangers.

    Yes, we drink goat's milk, not cow's milk. I don't think we've had cow's milk since last fall. The raw milk lasts at least a week but we don't usually have it around that long. Also, I keep our refrigerator pretty cold.