Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Scrabble ladies

Every other Tuesday a group of us gathers at the nearby Methodist church to play Scrabble.  There are 4 of us that are regulars but today we had 6.  One of the ladies (89 yrs old) calls us the Monday night before to remind us.  If we have something else to do she scolds us and tells us we can do it another time.  You'd better have a good excuse if you can't make it.  As you can see in the picture below I'm the only one under 50.  I think I'm also the only one who hasn't lived in VA her whole life.  Scrabble rules don't apply with this group.  Everyone looks at everyone else's letters and we use a dictionary to see if we can find a word that fits our letters.  The 89 year old likes to arrange where everyone sits and she places herself right after the person who will let her take their turn for them.  Amazingly it sets her up for a triple word score which she can use of course.  The lady whose turn she "helps" with always looks at me and winks.  After 2 games of Scrabble we eat.  We all bring something to share and the lively conversation continues.  Today I learned, "when you get away from the bean you done just got away from it all".  I think it means there's nothing better than the bean.  We had green beans and lima beans for lunch. I wish I could remember other expressions they use because they're full of them, but my memory isn't as sharp as theirs.

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