Friday, January 15, 2010

Yeah Baby

I just got our furnace back running and I always feel so good when I figure out something new.  This morning when we got up the house felt a little cooler than usual so I checked the thermostat.  Hmmm, 56 degrees.  We keep our house cool but not that cool.  We assumed our 1940's furnace needed some attention but that wasn't the case.  We were out of oil.  That's never happened to us before.  I guess all this cold weather has even gotten the best of our oil tank, all 500 gallons of its contents.  Yes, it was a big bill when the guys came out to fill it.  James pressed the reset button on the furnace but it didn't start.  When I got home I did the same because, of course I could do it better.  It still didn't start.  I got a flashlight, took doors off and removed a cover here and there and  I still couldn't find any way to start it.  I called our friend Jimmy.  He's a heating and air guy.  I told him what happened.  He told me I had to bleed the line to the furnace.  I Googled "bleeding a line to an oil furnace" and it described what I was to look for.  I got my wrench, pan and rag to catch the oil.  I loosened the nut, pressed the furnace restart button and the air blew out and oil started spraying.  I closed it back up and TaDa! the furnace was running.  So, Yeah Baby!

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