Sunday, June 28, 2015

What I did for love

Sure, you probably know the song from Chorus Line.  I didn't know this song till I met James.  The only musicals I knew were the ones my parents had the albums for - The Sound Of Music and My Fair Lady. Oh how I loved singing along with them.  I also knew Mary Poppins, and other movies I'd seen as a child.  It wasn't till James and I married, I fell in love all over again with musicals.  I love when James and I sing show tunes at the piano.  He's got a beautiful voice and I join him with my untrained one.   I'm getting off topic here.  This is not what this blog is about.

Today I did something I do all the time but hadn't even considered doing before I was married.   This is just one of many things.
You might wonder what this is, yes?  It's ziploc bags hanging on the line to dry.  I made wine this week from fruit that needed to be used.  It had been in the freezer too long and we needed room for this year's fruit.   What was I to do with the bags after I'd emptied them?  Throw them away?  That's what I would have done 27 years ago but somehow I've fallen into the habit of washing out plastic bags and reusing them.  As I did this I was trying to think of other things I do because I've been influenced by time living with the same person.  How much of what I do is "me" and how much is "we"?  It's hard to tell anymore.  Sometimes I think my beliefs are my own but then I wonder how I've changed and what I've done for (or because) of love.

I'd love to know what picture James would post of what he does because of me.  James?

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