Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Slow time

There's not a lot going on at the farm this time of year.  I'm already looking forward to warm weather when things get busier.  As much as I dislike winter, it sure makes for pretty pictures.

Until ths week no one else had milked Raisa but me and I needed to know she'd stand still for someone else when we need a farm sitter.  James volunteered and Raisa was just fine with him.

We're puppy sitting this week and I worried about how Lex would feel about sharing the house and our attention with this lively little girl.  I need not have worried.  I think he will miss her when she goes back home.  He'll probably also sleep a lot.

Today I finally unglued my butt from the couch and did some fence repair so when the goats return to their usual pasture it will be safe and ready for babies.  There's plenty for me to do but I keep saying it's a slow time of the year. 

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