Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dogs, donkeys and waterfalls

We've been having cold temperatures for VA but not much snow, thank goodness.  Two days ago we got an inch of snow, at the most.  This made Keri very happy.  She loves this kind of weather.  When Temperatures dropped into the single digits I worried that people might report me for keeping Keri outdoors.  Anyone who knows Great Pyrenees knows that hot weather makes them very uncomfortable and cold weather is a reason for them to bounce and roll.  Keri throws herself onto her back for a tummy rub and I doubt she knows there's snow beneath her.  I wish snow made me this happy.

James, Adam, Melissa and I hiked to "our waterfall" a few days ago.  We like to think of it as ours because it's not much of a hike to get there from behind our cabin and we've never seen anyone else there.  It's fun to explore it in warm weather when you can climb the falls and keep discovering new pools and slides around the next corner.  It's a beautiful creek and definitely photo-worthy.  We only went to the bottom of it this week though because there was lots of ice and slippery leaves.  It was still beautiful with ice formations everywhere.  This video won't do it justice but I'll share it with you anyway.

This next video shows how our guardian donkeys are not such good guardians at all.  Donkeys are supposed to keep away coyotes and strange dogs.  They have a natural dislike for canines.  For some reason they were fascinated with our grandpuppy, Maia.  She would spend hours watching them and them watching her.  I saw Maia lick Chy's udder, chew her hoof, lick her butt, bite Wilson's nose and clean their mouths after eating licorice, with very little reaction from them.  It was a mutual infatuation and I loved watching them together.

James and I got a GoPro (video camera) for Christmas.  One day I should wear it while I do my morning chores so you can come along with me.

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