Thursday, December 29, 2011

Riding donkeys

We've now saddled 2 of the donkeys and ridden them.  Well, one of us led them while the other sat on her.  We didn't actually put a bridle on them and steer them.  Still, very exciting for us.  We haven't sat on the boy yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  He's a sweetie too but maybe a little more nervous.  I really feel like we can work with these guys and teach them (or they'll teach us) to pull, ride and plow.  I'm not sure I've ever met such accomodating and sweet animals.  I belong to a Yahoo mammoth group (internet) and today someone posted this sweet video I thought I'd share.  It's about a working donkey and his owner.  If you have 5 or 6 minutes give it a watch.

Someone else on this Yahoo group mentioned how a person took their donkey to the farmer's market with an ice chest on a cart and sold ice cream.  They were a huge hit because everyone loved the donkey.  I know I would buy something from a cart at a farmer's market pulled by a donkey.

Off topic:  Awhile back I talked about strange responses I got to Craigslist ads.  I also get lots of interesting spam commments on my blog and thought I'd share one with you.

"Hi, I liked your hark work in this web page, you are contributing with great things! This site is much enlightening!

I´m Sara, I Live on London, and I will be a follower of this web site, my hobbies may be boring but I say them anyway I like online poker as well as sports in general, and I also listen a lot Metallica on my bedroom, I´m single at the moment so boys watch out for me....just kidding :)! I once tried online dating It did not work out very well....

I wrote this comment because as I already mentioned I really enjoy your page I also have a forum just as you, but mine is vey different from this, it is about playing poker without having to make a deposit....:)

I will also apologize for my writting it was the only way I get to communicate with you....Bye to all of you, Bye bye, by the way Happy New Year "

Almost always entertaining, if not relevant to the topic I blogged about.

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  1. You get the most interesting spam! I would buy something just because of a donkey as well. Looking forward to reading about all the donkey adventures in your future!