Thursday, December 8, 2011

In need of a helping hand

I'm building another barn in our field.  Actually it's just a 3 sided run in shelter.  It's very much like our goat and donkey barns so I'm getting pretty good at throwing one up in a hurry.  We've had heavy rains for the past 2 days and I've been itching to get to building.  I got up early this morning because I was lying awake planning what had to be done and not getting any sleep.  We already had the 4X4 posts in the ground so the fun part was still to come.  Unfortunately James had to teach today so I was on my own.  The shelter is 16'X16' and it's hard to navigate 16' boards all by yourself when they're 9 feet off the ground.  To make things easier I made 2 of these.
It doesn't look like much, just a block of wood with 2 angle brackets, but I couldn't have gotten done what I did today without them.  I'm sure a builder would tell me there's an easier way but I was pretty pleased by how well this worked.
The new residents of this barn arrive December 26th.  I better get a move on.


  1. They remind me of the 'deadman' 'tool' used in putting sheetrock on a ceiling. It's an extra pair of hands when you don't have one. Very clever.

  2. CALL ME I am not just good for holding goats you know.
    By the way I need you to hold 3 easy sheep

  3. who are the new residents?

  4. Debbie, the new residents are 3 mammoth donkeys. They arrive 12/26 You'll love them.