Monday, December 12, 2011

Lots more helping hands

More company, more help.  My niece and her boyfriend came to visit for a few days.  They probably thought we'd show them a good time or they could just sit back, relax and drink some homemade wine.  HA!  Relaxing was probably not the word they used to describe their visit.  As you know we're building a barn.  We enlisted them to help build rafters.  Not only were they were real troopers but they were great help.  Things moved along very quickly with 4 of us working.
Adam, Melissa and Susan helped us yesterday and we were able to get the purlins up and roof on.
I'm thinking we need to plan a family reunion right about the time we want to build our big barn.


  1. Good Idea. Hope they will all come. Plenty of fine camping by the river.

  2. Sometimes visits don't turn out as planned. They're even better! Don't even think that those kids didn't have the time of their lives, with memories that will last a lifetime.

  3. We're still alive. I could use some working visitors too! I am working on a post since it has been over a month since my last. My child is overworking me. Mae is talking a lot more now and amusing herself some. Talk soon.