Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Regrets


This is my son's back.  He got this tattoo when he turned 18 because you don't need your parent's consent once you've become "of tattoo age".  I remember feeling disappointed when I saw it.  I thought he could have come up with something better.  I have no idea whether he feels he has no regrets or not but I feel like it's a tattoo I could have gotten.  I think it's more of a statement a 48 year old could make than a now-21-year-old could embrace. 

It's no secret I'm an Oprah fan.  I should go back through my blog and see how many times I've mentioned her.  I just discovered we get the Oprah Winfrey Network in our limited satellite choices.  One of the network's programs is Oprah's Life Class.  A recent show of hers talks about one of her favorite quotes of Maya Angelou - "When you know better you do better".   I like this statement, A LOT.  It says to me that you can make mistakes in your life and you don't have to hold onto them.  It doesn't make you a screw-up.  It makes you who you are.  You learn from these mistakes and from that you discover you can do better.  No regrets, right?

It's really hard for me to come up with any regrets I have in my life.  Maybe that's because I have such a good life.  I feel like it took all I've learned in 48 years to get to this place so how can I regret the choices I've made? 

Ok, maybe I regret eating 2 fudge graham cookies followed by 2 Oreo double stuff cookies for dessert today.   Nahh, it makes me who I am, or at least what my thighs reflect, right?  Yes, I know better but I don't always do better.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I'm going to call Oprah and tell her that's another good motto ---

Tomorrow is a new day. 

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  1. You're starting to write like another Pannabecker I know!! Wow!