Saturday, June 19, 2010

A love song to my husband

This weekend we have friends visiting us from NC, some we've known for at least 15 years.  One of the things we share, besides lots of laughter, is our love of music.  Most times they visit someone is playing an instrument and some of us are singing.  It's been a long time since we've been shy around each other.  That's something I love about our friendship.  Tonight I sang to them a song I wrote for James for our anniversary several years ago.  If you would have asked me to record this and put it on my blog 10 years ago I would have refused.  Now I realize it's more about the song to my husband than my bad singing and guitar playing.  Accompanying me is Larry Pinkston who is an amazing guitarist and was very patient to play along with me.

Ok, be kind.


  1. We really can write a song I guess. What were we going to write one about and what was my part?

    Your song to James was WONDERFUL !!

  2. Susan,
    We're going to write one about the Blue Ridge Parkway, remember?

  3. clap,clap,applause,clap,clap,applause,clap!!!!!!
    Yea!! That was great. I could never do that. No guts.

  4. I was lucky enough to have front row seats! It truly was extraordinary. Karen, you're beautiful in a lot of eyes!