Saturday, June 26, 2010

I thought I built a goat barn

This is supposed to be my goat barn but the turkeys don't seem to know that.
This is the inside of my turkey barn.
Maybe the guineas will teach the turkeys how to get back to their home.  I let the guineas out of their dog crate this morning and they've been following the turkeys around for the most part.  I was glad to see they were still here when I got home today.  They're so small I'm afraid they're going to disappear somewhere and I won't be able to find them.  They can walk right through the fences.

When I went out to take these pictures I happened to catch the end of two Toms flogging.  Here's a short video.  I think the white one wins.  The bronze gave up too easily.

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  1. I wouldn't worry, if you raised the guinea or they have been there for a few months they should stick around, just keep feeding them when they are around the barn and house to add to them not wanting to leave. Good Luck!