Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday a man working for Heifer International called me asking for a donation.  I think it's a great organization.  Even though I didn't commit to sending him money we had a nice conversation.  Nice guy.  He recently moved to Los Angeles from Charlottesville, VA, not very far from here.  Somehow I ended up telling him I have goats and he asked me if I made cheese.  I told him I did and he went on to tell me he and his wife were "foodies" and loved going to farmer's markets and they loved goat cheese.  I've never used the word, foodies, to describe us but I guess we might fit that description.  Last night's dinner was vegetables from our garden and a chicken from the farm I work at.  I thought it was beautiful, even raw.  Look at the purple potatoes.  I just loved the way they looked against the carrots and beets.  Tonight we're having a repeat performance minus the chicken.

A friend stopped by the day before and brought us a big bowl of sour cherries, also very pretty, I think.  I plan to make some pies from them and freeze them.


  1. Yummm, where can I get some of that fine looking food?

  2. It is gooding catching up. There is always something exciting and something that I have pondered also in your blogs. I like your interest in bartering and homesteading. Ann and I were thinking of naming our farm Good Life Homestead instead of farm. It seemed more fitting and what we want it to be. I have two fence post holes left of my 24 to dig. We have heavy clay here and I hit solid rock on two holes. I thought about pouring water in them, but I think it would hold it like a bucket. If you have any holes left to dig when I am out I will help. I thought about requiring visitors here to help with a hole as a sort of a toll; either we would make tough visitors or keep them away. Tell James to give me a call if he is ever going berry picking. Happy homesteading!

  3. Mary Pannabecker SteinerJune 13, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    Your veggies -- as usual -- look delicious. I keep hinting to James to ship me some. Oh well, I'll just pretend. The woman I buy produce from during the summer was at the farmer's market yesterday -- got some of her broccoli. She told me she'd have lots of beets at her farm stand soon. Cannot wait!