Thursday, July 9, 2009

An unusual doctor

I think I mentioned earlier that James and I had our physicals a few months ago. We get a kick out of our doctor. He kids with us and spends lots of time talking about stuff not related to our health. He and I are always sarcastic with each other. I don't know how that got started. This time he told me I would never die of heart disease because my cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. are so good. He followed that with, "you'll die of cancer".

Don't you know a week or 2 later I found a lump on my lower back. I fretted about it for a month or so, often reaching back to see if it went away yet. I really didn't think it was anything to be concerned about but James and I agreed it would be best to see the doctor so I'd know and then could forget about it. I went to see Dr. Pickral today. He said, "oh no, I thought I was done with you". I told him it was his fault I was there because he told me I was going to die from cancer. I said I hated having to spend $75.00 to see him and almost canceled my appointment but James told me I should go. Dr. Pickral said, "tell James, thanks, that was the easiest money I ever made. He told me he was 99% sure it was a benign tumor, a lipoma, nothing to worry about. Instead of the usual $75.00 he only charged me $50.00 since it was his fault I was there.

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