Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Driveway Visitors

This morning Adam beat me to the shower so I threw on some pajama bottoms and a tee shirt to go feed the animals. Well, don't ya know that's the day people drive down my driveway at 8:30 AM. A man and his son or nephew wanted to leave their truck in our field for when the son got done kayaking. I asked who they were and where they lived then told them ok, I'd go open the gate for them. Seemed like nice people. James must have heard us talking and came out and put the same questions to them that I had already asked. They thanked us again and again. I felt a little funny talking to strangers in my pajamas but I see girls wearing pajama bottoms at WalMart so I guess it's acceptable these days.

Yesterday I had another drive-up but not to use the field. A woman in her 30's (maybe) with young kids in the car drove halfway up the driveway and stopped there. I was in the fence with the goats and I figured she just wanted to look at the animals. She didn't roll down her window or anything. Just sat there. I finally went over to her minivan and asked if I could help her. Turns out she wanted to buy one of my chickens to eat. She was almost drooling over them and said more than a few times how good they looked and just right for soup. She caught me by surprise. I told her no but that maybe one day I would sell her one when I had chickens laying and chicks hatching. Even though we've talked about eating the chickens ourselves, I felt very protective of them all of a sudden. By the way, they haven't started laying yet. Hopefully by the end of this month. The rooster is trying his hardest to make baby chicks. He's forever jumping on someone's back, making her scream and pulling feathers out. Not exactly the way to win a girl over. I guess he figures his good looks will make them want him. I've posted a picture of him below. He really is a pretty boy.

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