Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden blog, new wine and moonlight kayaking

I rarely comment on the garden because I don't have much to do with it except cooking the food that comes out of it. When James talks about the garden he gets excited about it, whether it be about squash bugs, potato seed pods, keeping crows from his newly planted corn, no till gardening, whatever. He loves that stuff. I'm not going to ask him to post on my blog but I think he should write his own. He's a much better writer than I am.

Today I started my 2009 wine. We have so many raspberries and blackberries in the freezer and still on the vines that I should be able to make more than twice the amount of wine I made last year, hopefully more than 100 bottles. I'm pretty happy with two of the wines I made last fall except for the pear wine. I only have 11 bottles left, 3 of them being the not-so-good pear wine. All of them were supposed to age at least a year but of course I couldn't wait to drink them. I wonder if any of those 8 bottles (excluding the pear wine) will still be corked on their one year birthday. I doubt it. Winemaking is a fun hobby. I wonder if I'll get better at it as the years pass.

Adam and 4 friends went kayaking tonight in the dark. I'll have to look out and see if the moon is shining. We used to do that but haven't in years. It's very peaceful. At least it was for us. I don't know how peaceful it could have been with 5 teenagers. Two of them tipped so I'm guessing it was a little more rowdy than our trips. I'm glad they do those kinds of things. We're so lucky to have the river in our own front yard.

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