Sunday, November 29, 2015

Friendsgiving part 2

I could get used to meals like this but my jeans are telling me it's a bad idea.  Tonight we shared another meal (and many laughs) with the same two families we feasted with on Thanksgiving.  We've never cooked a goat in our wood fired oven but Omar showed us it was something we should attempt again.  It was quite an event.

Omar showed up around 10AM to cut the meat into reasonable sizes to fit in pans and into the oven.  He researched it online and came up with a rub and a plan.

James was his helper.  I stayed out of it for the most part.  You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen.  This cook always has too many opinions so I knew I should keep out of it.
It took longer to cook than expected so when our other new friends arrived they helped by offering their expert advice and got their hands greasy.  The women very happily let the men have control.  I like this picture of 4 men watching the meat go back in the oven.
I'm glad it took a while for the dinner to cook because it gave us all more time to be together.  As you can see, there's more food on this table than this number of people could eat.
We're already making plans for our next gathering.  There will always be food involved with this group, I feel pretty sure of this.