Friday, September 4, 2015


Last week I got carded when buying wine.  I know, I know, the young clerk was just trying to make an older woman feel good.  Seriously, I have no idea why he carded me.  Anyway, I couldn't find my driver's license in my wallet anywhere.  I was embarrassed but I don't know why.  I wondered if he thought I'd lost my license for a crime or something.  I have no idea when it disappeared because I never use it.  No one has asked to see my ID in years.  When I got home I went online and ordered a new one.

Yesterday my new license came in the mail.  I felt better just knowing I had it again.  You know, just in case.  Well, this morning I had to show it to the nice state trooper.  I almost told him he was the first one to see my new ID but I didn't think he'd be interested.

In my defense (I have to make an excuse for myself) I would have been going the speed limit if it was just 50 yards up the road.  The speed limit changes from 40 to 55 just after where he caught me speeding.

When I got home I was actually ashamed and a bit embarrassed to tell James - like a child presenting a bad report card.  I know it's silly.  I'm a grown woman, right?  He thinks I should go to court to see if I can get it reduced.  To be honest, I'd rather pay an additional $50.00 or whatever to not have to show my face in court and get stressed out over it.

James just popped his head in the living room and told me he still loves me even though I'm a criminal.


  1. Bahaha! Who knows, maybe the nice state trooper would have given you an extra retroactive ticket for not having your license with you in the past! Just pay the ticket. Oh, and while you're about it, tell us where this little speed trap is so we can avoid it! We 'good girls' get very stressed out when we break the rules. Or at any rate, if we get caught!

  2. Virginia, the trooper was just a mile from our house so I doubt you'll run into him. I'm sure there's one near your house this weekend, being a holiday weekend