Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer sunsets

Summer skies are the best.  Sometimes it's so black out but we can see thousands (maybe millions) of lighting bugs in the field or against the mountains.  It's magical, really.   I've tried taking photos of them but can't capture them on an IPhone.   Lately I've been going out to spend sunset with the animals.

When we visited Key West many years ago I remember going to "sunset".  People gathered on a pier (?) and watched the sun set while street performers and vendors did their things.  Where Adam lives he and friends often gather at a pier on the sound side for "sunset".

We don't have large bodies of water to watch the sun set over but our sunsets can be just as stunning.  These next pictures have been taken over 3 different nights this week.

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  1. that picture of the pigs sleeping in the sunset is magazine-worthy!