Saturday, April 12, 2014

Raisa's bull calf

I knew when Raisa didn't meet me at the barn this morning that she had her baby.  I went out earlier than usual because I had a feeling today was the day.  Sure enough, there was a little black bundle on the ground.  I must have gotten there shortly after the birth because he was still very wet and she hadn't passed the afterbirth.  I wasn't sure what to expect from her or the baby since I've never been around new mother cows or calves.  I was pretty sure she'd be ok with me touching the baby but still I was cautious.  I didn't want to assume she'd be like my goats.  We talked a while (yes, WE did).  I gave her some scratches then got close to the baby with little reaction from her.  Neither of them cared that I made a fuss over him.  I saw very quickly that he was not a girl.  And, yes, I'm sure this time.  I checked more than once.  I even held him in my lap.  Check out this adorable face.
Like Raisa, he seems pretty long legged for a dexter.  

We were gone most of today so I only got to spend an hour or 2 with them.  I took Raisa buckets of water and some hay so she wouldn't have to leave him.  She was still standing in the same place when we left 5 hours later.   We went to see a Shakespeare play this afternoon - The Merry Wives Of Windsor, at the Blackfriars Playhouse.   Maybe I should name him Windsor, Shakespeare or Blackfriar.  
I've also considered Oscar, Stanley, Backus or Monk or.......  

I'll get some more pictures of him tomorrow when he's dry.


  1. He is s cutie, Mike

  2. I love Windsor . . . He looks like a fine fellow!!

  3. I vote for Windsor! So glad he is doing well, sweet sweet face. Phyllis