Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting ready for mom and dad

My mom and dad will be visiting later this week and I've been trying to think of things we can do while they're here.  Last year my mom was such a good sport.  Remember how I got her to plank?

When I was young I remember my mom putting together puzzles.  I too love puzzles so I thought we could put one together while they're here this week.  I went to Lowes and bought one today.  It didn't come with a box so we'll have to wing it since we don't have a picture to look at.  It's not nearly as many pieces as the ones she used to put together but, you know, we're all getting older and too many pieces might be more than we can focus on.  See if you can guess what the puzzle is.
 Actually, it's part of 2 puzzles and both are missing a few pieces.   There will be no planking involved. 

Mom and Dad, you can't back out now.

P.S.  Wassee was still struggling today.  He didn't have much of an appetite and his back legs are weak.  He did, however, drink quite a bit of Gatorade.  I've spoken to some pig experts today and I'm not feeling terribly hopeful for a recovery but I'm not giving up yet.

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