Friday, May 10, 2013

Willo's back and I'm donkey riding

Willo returned from the trainer in NC yesterday.  She'd been gone almost 6 months. I'm really excited to have her back and see what she can do.  I was afraid today might be too soon to take her out for a few loops around the field since she's still settling in but I decided to saddle her up anyway.  This morning I saw she was in heat and I went back and forth about wether this was a good idea or not.  Sometimes she's feistier during "that time of the month". 

She stood nicely while I put the saddle and bridle on.  It went downhill after that.  I tried to lead her to the picnic table where I like to get on her.  She wanted nothing of that.  We kept walking in circles while I tried to get her where I wanted her.  Any time I tried to mount she'd start to walk off.  She didn't even do that before she went to the trainer.  I was firm with her.  I've decided I need to stand my ground and be the boss now.  That's something I've never been very good at in the past.  Somehow she understood that I meant business and finally stood still while I got on.  Then she stood there.  Not a step would she take.  It reminded me of many days in the past where I would beg her to walk but she wouldn't budge.  To be honest, I can't even remember what I did to get her to start walking but she did.  From there on out she was great.  I think she was just testing me. 

A few times Earl would holler for her and she'd holler back.  If you've never felt  "heehaw" under you, you should.  It's very cool.  The only scare I had was when the pigs began chasing us along the fenceline.  It didn't bother her with just Roxie following us but when Calvin joined in and they started running so did Willo.  I'm not a good rider so this made me nervous and I tried stopping her.  She slowed to a trot, which hurt, and finally stopped and stared at the pigs.  I assured her they were ok and she was just fine.  We continued on the the pigs walked slowly beside us. 

After the first loop around I thought she'd walk to the gate and want to quit.  She didn't.  She continued on.  I called James from her back and said, "I'm riding my donkey".   I'm sure I had a smile on my face.  After a few treats of special grasses I returned her to the others where Earl promptly mounted her.  Nice, Earl. 

I want to ride her regularly and build a bond before I even think about hooking her up to a cart to drive. 

I hope someday soon James and I can take Willo and Mac on a trail ride.


  1. And I want to ride with yall.....Mike

  2. Glad Willo is back. I really wish you were closer so we could go through training together; I think you and Willo would love this trainer out here, even if you came for just a day... Did your NC trainer use a round pen at all? Lady definitely tests me and I also need to use a firm voice, which generally works. It's an interesting interesting challenge, controlling a large animal with voice and cue. (And frustrating too) Glad your ride ended on a high note! Phyllis