Thursday, May 16, 2013

I might get hooked on donkey driving

I've ridden Willo twice now and it's gone ok.  I do like sitting on her back.  She and I both need some more time in the saddle.  We'll get there though.  Yesterday I had my first horseback riding lesson.  Yes, a horse, one of those shorter eared equines.  Can you believe that?  The horse I rode, Stretch (a quarter horse), was very sweet, patient, slow and smooth, which is just what I need at this time.  Even though he was very smooth my legs are feeling it today. 

What I've really been itching to do though is hook Willo up to the cart and that's what we did tonight.  When she saw the cart she quickly approached  and checked it out.  She'd never seen our cart before so I wondered how she'd react to it.  She was totally unconcerned and willingly followed us to a pasture where I had cut a circle in the grass to drive in.  I thought it would be a safe place with few distractions.  She was very patient while we bumbled with the harness, "I wonder where this goes.  This looks like it might go here."  Eventually we got her hooked to the cart and after a little pause she walked while I led her. 

She seemed comfortable with that so James hopped in and took a ride.

After one loop I was going to take a ride but a thunder storm was moving in so we quickly packed up.  I was so pleased with and proud of Willo.  I can't wait to sit in the cart and actually drive her.  It'll happen.

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