Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey, you have a farm. Would you like my animal?

We get this now and then.  "Can you take this animal?  She needs a home."

In one week I was asked to give a home to a goat, 4 dogs, 1 horse and a kitten.  I said no to all.  Tonight a friend was here to pick up some fertile eggs to put under her broody hen.  As we visited, a truck I didn't recognize drove up our driveway.  This is a common occurance.  Usually it's someone asking if they can fish from our property or someone telling me one of my animals has escaped.   Not this guy.  He had a rooster who was being abused by his duck and was also making too much noise at his house.  "He's a very docile rooster", he said.  What did I say?   "Of course, bring him by tonight and I'll put him in the coop with the others and they'll all wake up together".   What's another chicken, right? 
Things change here daily.  My buck, Cooper, is now sleeping with my donkeys, Chy and Wilson.  The majority of the chickens are living in the field with the pigs.   Once our kayaks are moved to the field under the boat deck, some of the rabbits will be moved into the shed the kayaks vacated.  Very soon my male goat kids need to be separated from the girls.  One of the boys has discovered his buck-y-ness and is terrorizing the girls.   Our 2 male pigs will have moved on and we'll only have Roxie.  Willo, our mammoth jenny will return this week from training in NC. 

Ever-changing.  That is a farm. 


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  1. We just had a call yesterday from a neighbor who knows another neighbor who just died and they are looking to find a home for her Great Pyrenees. Actually, she has three of them, but "two are old and being put down" (oh no), and would we take the young female (they don't know how old she is, they don't know if she's had shots, they don't know her name- they know she was sweet around children during the estate sale, and she is filthy.) Would we take her? I said yes. Now I can't stop thinking of the older two, but I just can't bring myself to adopt three more dogs. This post of yours really hit home to me - ever changing is right!