Sunday, January 27, 2013

The wine bottle experiment

Have you ever been out of town and NEEDED  to open a bottle of wine in your hotel room but found you had no corkscrew?  No, me neither.  I always travel with a corkscrew.  But if this has happened to you, have no worries.  Thanks to my friend, Sherry, who posts very important things on Facebook - ways of the world, critical political news stories, things I need to know.  Today she posted something I may need to know in an emergency.  Please watch and take notes - In French.

Of course I couldn't resist trying this out for myself so I rounded up my also-curious-ever-so-cooperative-partners-in-crime and we have our attempt right here for your viewing pleasure.  I won't give away whether the experiment was successful or not.  You're just going to have to watch all the videos to see for yourself.  I should mention one of my most responsible, logical, and dare I say, smarter teammates suggested we do this in the basement where there are drains in the floor.  Just thought I'd mention that so you don't think I have plaster and paint falling off my walls in our livable space.  Ok, disclaimer out of the way.  Here we go.

Shucks.  Let's try again.  One of the teammates thinks this is bull----.

Did we give up?  No we did not!

So there you have it.  When I did a Youtube search for "Open Wine Bottle With Shoe" there were many other videos so we're not the only ones who couldn't resist this magic trick.  I didn't, however, see my friend Sherry's attempt on there.


  1. That was awesome! Thank you for being the guinea pigs! Third times a charm, or should I say third video is a charm.

  2. I am definitely going to have to remember this!


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