Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank goodness for tame pigs

There's rarely a dull moment at Elk Cliff Farm. 

Strange car drives up the lane, "there's a huge pig running in the road."

Me - running up the road calling for Roxie.  She hears me call her and comes running.

Cars are stopped in the road watching.  As she follows me a man in a truck, laughing, says, "they come when they're called?  I say yeah, just as Roxie turns around and heads back the opposite direction in a panic. 

Finally she turns around again, still running (she's pretty fast for such a big girl), and jogs with me just about back to the gate where James meets us and heads her off so she will follow me back to the safety of her field.  Woman in another car watches, laughing.

It appears a gate had been left open and Roxie found an exit through the second fence to the road.  The other pigs and donkeys were also outside their first fence but luckily not out the second.  They all followed us calmly back.  I'm so glad they cooperate when it's really important.

I think every type animal we own has been in the road at least once.  What kind of farmers are we?


  1. That sound scary! Good job getting them back. You are an amazing farmer.

  2. When our donkeys got out they would ALWAYS go stand in the road in the dip where the drivers couldn't see them, of course. Why they hell they wouldn't head to the green grass of our yard I will never know. Luckily there was always a neighbor home to help put them back. But you know donkeys. Unless you have some feed or something they want there is NO getting them to budge!

  3. I'm with Sherry. Donkeys almost always do the opposite when it is important. Remember me telling you about Butter Scotch getting in 220? What amazes me is the people driving that find it unnecessary to slow down when an animal that is capable of destroying a vehicle is standing in the passing lane. Calves are by far the worst to get out of the road.

  4. We've been lucky folks have stopped their cars or drive very slowly past the animals. I'm also very grateful for the people who take the time to drive up my lane and tell me I have an animals loose.

  5. Wish I could have see that transpire!! The Pannabecker Pigs listen better than the Nelson Family... just sayin.