Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birth Order

Today I was looking at some of the drafts I had saved for my blog but had never used.  Many of them I deleted but a few I saved in case I may want to use them at a later date.  I came across this one on birth order when I was finding this so interesting.  I thought it might be amusing to some of you other last born children.  I don't know where I got the information but I copied it from the internet and pasted it with my remarks in orange.                                                                                                                                                         

Last born children tend to be the easiest to define when it comes to the correlation between birth order and personality, this is mostly due to the fact that there is only one main type of last born.
Last Born Traits
  • Risk takers  I never thought of myself as a risk taker but maybe in some ways.  I'm the only one in my family to move away. 
  • Idealists  Yeah, I think I am.
  • Good sense of humor  I don't know.  You tell me.
  • Hard working  I think I'm hard working at things I like and not so hard working at things I don't.
  • Immature  I beg your pardon.
  • Attention seeking  Of course.  Why do you think I keep a blog?
  • Secretive  That's for me to know and you to find out.
  • Sensitive  Depends on what they mean by sensitive.  Do I get feelings hurt easily?  Not easily but occasionally.  Sensitive to other's needs?  I hope so.
Last born children are often considered the baby of the family, and live up to this role. At times it is difficult for the last born child to find his/her place in the family, as the first and middle child have already left huge footprints to follow in, and carved their own niche into the family.

Strengths V.S. Weaknesses





Outgoing, sociable, affectionate, caring, creative, empathetic, and confident. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.

Spoiled, manipulative, immature, self-centered, and capricious. Hey, I resent that but I do think it's funny they use the word "capricious" since "caprine" is another word for goat.


Careers in sales, or invention corporations work well because of their ability to sell things, including themselves, work well alone, want to be the boss, and just do their own thing at their own pace.  I like the part about doing my own thing at my own pace and I can be pretty bossy.

Do not like to be tied down to committment I hate having appointments, can be perceived as "cut throat"  I don't think so, try too hard at times, alternative routes in life may make them the odd man out. Definitely odd.

Fun Facts
  • Famous last born children: Howard Stern, Jay Leno, Ralph Nadar, Bill Gates, and Danny DeVito
  • Tend to go against the norm
  • Make the biggest stirs in life
  • Know no boundaries


  1. I'm surprised that you're the babykin of the family. You're very mature.

  2. mary pannabecker steinerJanuary 17, 2013 at 4:57 PM

    Cutthroat? Right, that describes you and me perfectly. :) As for the rest? I'm still chuckling.

  3. OMG - Tim and I are laughing! That's me! (And him too, though not as much of the negative traits for him). Phyllis