Saturday, December 29, 2012

Roxie at work

Today I videoed Roxie working on her nest.  This is what pigs do when they're getting ready to have babies also.  She's not pregnant.  She's just making her house comfortable for the winter.  My friend, Susan, blogged about animals' senses recently.  I'm wondering if Roxie sensed that snow was coming and that's why she made this nest a few days ago before the snow came.  She's still working on it.  I love watching her at work.

Our donkeys have great senses too.  We've taken Mac on trail rides and he can always find his way back even if the trails are hidden and we don't tell him to turn.  There was a time we didn't see where the turn was but he did.

My friend, Mollie and her family, rescued a baby squirrel over a year ago.  Her name is Lottie.  Mollie's last two blog posts were about Lottie and I think you'll enjoy seeing how smart this squirrel is and how she's become part of their family.  Last year she slept with the Mollie's daughters and if you read through past posts you'll find some other really cute stories about her.

Since this is kind of a random post about animals I might as well add this too.  One of our friends lost his dog yesterday.  Her name was Zoe and she was 19 years old.  Isn't that amazing?  I've never heard of a dog living that long.  That's like 133 years old in humans.
Photo: My sweet southern belle, Zoe,  gave me so much joy and love.  After 19 years, she has moved on to chase squirrels in heaven.
Sweet Zoe



  1. Perhaps folks would be interested in knowing that Roxie gathered all that hay in her house, one mouthful at a time. No one helped her.

  2. Roxie is awesome. I checked my pigs' house, and they hadn't done any interior decorating.
    Squirrels can live into their teens! They are fascinating, and I hope you get a baby squirrel to raise one day.

  3. What a good piggie. I loved the way she spread it all out until it was perfect. That must have taken a long time.