Friday, December 28, 2012


I haven't blogged about my goats lately, have I?  All the girls are dried up so I'm not milking now.  I hate that I had to buy milk last week.  I am, though, enjoying the break for the moment.   We have enough cheese to get us through the winter so that's nice.  I also put some milk in the freezer for soap and lotion.

Yesterday a friend came to visit.  She brought me a gift she "knew" I'd like.  She was very right.  You will see why she was so sure I'd like it.
Today James told me I got some mail from someone in Tennessee.  I couldn't think of who in TN would be sending me something.  Remember the Halloween dress-up contest my Mid-Atlantic Minis Yahoo group had?  Well, Cooper won the funniest goat costume award (even though I don't think this was even a category.  I think the list moderator made it up for his and my sake).  He also won 3rd place overall.  The piece of mail I received was this certificate.
I think I'm going to frame this and hang it in their barn. 


  1. That is so awesome! Love it and love Cooper!

  2. Ha ha!! Love it!

  3. The contest sponsor made it up because she nearly peed her pants when both the Cooper picture and the video were submitted for consideration. If that is not enough justification for adding the category, I don't know what is!!
    Contest Sponsor