Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ghost in the house

Our house was built in the early 1870s by Colonel Anderson for his daughter as a wedding gift.  She bore a son who became a senator of the state of Washington then in his later life came back to Elk Cliff Farm for his final years.  He died in one of the bedrooms and we're told the door was locked so they had to get to him through the window (this bedroom is upstairs).  There are locks on many of our doors so he had a thing about locks, it appears.  Another family lived here between him and us so it could have been them who put the locks on the doors but I think it was the senator. 

Our house was in pretty rough condition when we bought it so we didn't live in it for 2 years while we got it back in shape.  While I was working here there were several instances where doors were locked when I was sure I didn't lock them.   Once our house was completed and we moved in the locking of doors stopped.  We had been told by the grandson of the woman who owned the house before us that he had seen a ghost here and how the ghost sat at the bottom of one of the beds.  We found all of this amusing and it has never bothered us. 

I had forgotten about the ghost because we haven't had any strange happenings in years.  This past weekend we had some friends stay here and in the morning our friend told us she slept well but a ghost kept closing her door when she left it ajar.  She told us this as if it was no concern to her.  She was sleeping in the room the senator died in.  She said any time she got up during the night she'd leave the door cracked a bit but then later it would be shut tight.   I would understand if it happened the other way - door shut but then got opened - because our dog sometimes pushes doors open during the night.  I found it interesting that this friend didn't find it at all disturbing.  She said he didn't bother her.

No one else who has slept in this room has experienced a ghost since we've owned it.  I wonder what made the senator choose this friend to pay a visit to.


  1. I love you Karen, but I'm never spending the night there now. ;)

  2. Didn't you post about a Ouija board some time ago? He was probably about to cross over until you pulled him back into the physical realm...anyway, when I visit again, dibs on the haunted room!

  3. That's funny. One comment saying she'll never sleep over and another person wanting to see a ghost. I like the idea of ghosts but for years have had many dreams where ghosts are holding me against a wall and I can hardly breathe and can't scream.

    I may have to get the Ouija board out again.

  4. I think it was the wind, or some kind of pressure. Next time, have her leave the door wide open. Doubt if it moves under that condition. Just call me Spoil Sport Linda