Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fixin' cheese and lamps

It's been a busy and good weekend.  Yesterday I attended a goat jamboree.  Few of us really know each other very well because we live so far apart.  This is a mid-atlantic minis (goats) Yahoo group.  It's fun putting faces with the names we know only from emails.  It was a good crowd and we had some good discussions and learned a lot.  I'm posting lots of pictures for those who were there.

 Tattooing an ear.
I love this picture and think this little blue eyed guy is adorable.

This year was my turn to be a demonstrator at the event.  About 14 of us gathered in the host's kitchen and made some cheeses.  It was a lot of fun (for me, anyway) and the cheese turned out as I had hoped.  I love when a group interacts while I'm doing something like this.  It's so much more fun. It was a pretty lively group and they made me feel very comfortable.

This is our guest veterinarian stretching cheese.  She had lots to offer yesterday and we had lots of questions for her.

It was fun being with folks who share a common interest - goats.

Today I was the guest speaker at a very different gathering.  I was invited to speak to a group of widows.  They meet once a month for dinner or to discuss a certain topic and have a potluck.  Today's topic was "when things need fixing".   I really had no idea where to begin.  I was led to believe it was a younger group (my age) so I was going to tell them how much I use the internet to learn how to do things.  Most of these women were older and I realized they probably would not be Googling or Youtubing anything so I decided to go about it in a different way.  I let them tell me what they struggle with and I would try to explain how I would go about fixing it.  I also showed them some of my favorite tools and how I used them.  We talked electric, plumbing and hanging things on walls.  One of the leaders brought an old lamp she wanted me to rewire so we did that.  It was a little more complex than I had anticipated because there was a small light in the bottom that needed an additional switch which we didn't have.  We got it working again and she was pleased.  I think the older ladies enjoyed watching me struggle at times and then they applauded when we plugged it in and it worked.

The husband of the host showed us how to sharpen knives and tools and check fluids in our cars.

I think all 6 widows left with my phone number in case they need help fixing something in their home.  It will be interesting to see if any of them call me. 


  1. mary pannabecker steinerMay 21, 2012 at 11:21 AM

    Fun times! Can you tell me again where I find the directions for making the cheese? Ever since we made it last summer, I've been wanting to do it here. Since Lindsay's going to be here this week, it would be fun to do together.

  2. Karen,

    Great presentation...and diligence with the lamp fixin'... on Sunday! Love the pic of the successful job done!
    Now I want to learn how to make cheese...or maybe just learn how to get some to eat ;-). Yum!