Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brave dogs

Here is our bravest dog of all.
Rosie has always been the tougher of our two boxers.  When she and Lex were sprayed by a skunk Lex ran screaming and crying.  Even though she was sprayed in the face she refused to let the skunk win.  He didn't.  If the 2 of them got into trouble we always assumed Rosie was the leader.  Lex was happy to follow. 

Tonight she's still fighting - for her life.  For the past few months she has been losing her balance.  Occasionally she'd fall down the stairs until she figured out how to do it very slowly and carefully.  Two days ago she could no longer keep her balance to stand so I lifted her onto her favorite bed, a daybed in the den where I'm now typing.  She hasn't moved much since I put her there.  We've all said our goodbyes to her many times and told her it's ok to let go.  Most of the time she seems to be resting.  Her chest is rattling now so I can't imagine she can fight much longer.  So we wait and we cry and we tell her we love her. 

On a lighter note, here's a video of another brave dog.

She never did touch the snake. 


  1. Oh, kp, I'm so sorry. You're doing everything right in making sure she knows she's loved. I know she's had a wonderful life with you.

  2. sorry to hear this aunt Karen. aww poor Rosie! tell her i love her and give her a big kiss and hug for me!

  3. I enjoyed all my time with her. Especially on warm summer days by the river. I shall miss her. Sounds like her last time on this earth was peaceful.