Monday, July 25, 2011

Grand Central Station

In the past month we've seen many people drive up and down our driveway.  The Quaker group, Teen Adventure, arrived about a month ago and set up camp in our field.  I'll try to keep this short and say we saw a lot of these folks in and out recently.  Last weekend my hometown church from PA sent a mission team (22 people) to do work in TN.  On their way they spent a night in our cabin and shared dinner with us.  We went through 20 pizzas and 3 big pans of roasted vegetables.  It was fun.  They've done this more than a few years and I enjoy it every time.  Teen Adventure returned from their bike trip Friday and we did the whole pizza thing again.  There were 30 of us this time.  They were a hungrier group from all the biking they'd done and I probably should've made more than 24 pizzas and vegetables.  The biker/campers left today and all that remained were the counselors.  They're spending their last 2 nights in our cabin, which is easily a step up from camping, so they were very appreciative to have beds to sleep in.

A friend from Alabama spent the night Friday on his way north.  His visit was too short.

Our son, Adam, is home from school so we have him here which also brings his friend who spends just about every night here too.  We're learning what it would be like to have had 2 sons. 

Saturday James' brother, Tom, and his family arrive and we get to enjoy spending time with them too.  We don't see them very often so this will be fun.  We may take them to the drive-in because we're thinking our niece may never have been to one.  I grew up going to the drive-in but I know there aren't many around anymore.  We're lucky to have one here.  It's still a popular thing to do in Rockbridge County. 

August is looking pretty quiet at this point.  Maybe James and I should take a vacation.  The topic has been coming up again and again.  We may have to give our farm sitter friend a call and see if she has some time this fall.

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  1. Don't forget to add the Bryant family to this list very soon! You guys DEFINITELY need a vacation, you deserve it.