Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ssssssexy overalls

Yeah, I know I look really hot in these overalls.  People tell me that all the time.  Those big pockets in the back are what make them so flattering. 
For some reason James likes when I wear them.  I like wearing them because they aren't tight around the waist like so many of my jeans these days. 

Most of you who know me well know that James writes me poems, songs or letters for most special occasions.  In 2005 (October 6th, to be exact - he always writes dates on these things) he wrote me a song called Overalls.

Give me my woman in overalls,
throw in a hammer and a trowel,
plenty of brains and a good bit of brawn
and I’ll be content ‘til our Boxers howl.

They say she’s a gal who gets things done,
she’ll plumb, she’ll wire, she’ll plaster,
then she cooks gourmet at the end of the day,
it wouldn’t be fair if I outlast her.

Followup with a soak in a big hot tub,
a little bit of cleanup in a bubble bath,
and she’ll feel good in a queen-size bed,
what more could I ask for, just do the math.

Let me tell you, to quote my better half,
“it can’t get nicer,” seventeen years past,
it’s always vacation with her at my side,
I wish every day wouldn’t be gone so fast.

Give me my woman in overalls,
throw in a hammer and a trowel,
plenty of brains and a good bit of brawn
and I’ll be happy ‘til our Boxers howl,
oh so happy ‘til our Boxers howl.

Ok, maybe you all won't appreciate this song as much as I do, but every time I wear my overalls I think of it.

Today 2 women came to visit me and my goats.  One of the women was considering purchasing Ella, one of my kids.  I thought twice about wearing my overalls, lest they think I was a hick.  Then I thought, oh well, it's either this or sloppy sweat pants and a sweat shirt.  I don't think they cared one bit how I was dressed because the baby goats had all their attention. Ella was on her best behavior and won them over immediately, just as I had told her to do.  We talked goats, milk, cheese, soap and everything goat-related.  It was a great visit.  One of the women agreed to pay $1,000.00 for Ella (just checking to see if you're paying attention, Angela).  I'll bet you didn't know goats were that profitable, huh?  Yeah, me neither.  

One other note about my overalls and how sexy they are.  I think it was last year my 73 year old neighbor, Feenie (aka Elmer) came over wearing the exact same overalls the same day I was wearing them.  James could hardly keep his hands off Feenie either.


  1. Hi Karen, yes, one of the very best thing to wear is well worn baggy overalls, really good with holes !:) and of course your husband love them ! if you take a look on my blog, you can see that we are many overalls fans, male/female, even having an annual celebration November 20 ! have a hole overall good weekend ! bibfessor/Niels

  2. Well, you do look rather good in those! I love overalls. I only own two pair right now, but I'm planning on a pair of overall shorts for the summer. A girl can never have too many!

  3. Karen, you are hysterical! I love overalls! Sounds like James does too. :)

  4. mary pannabecker steinerMarch 23, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    I love fact, I was about to buy a new (old) pair...gotta find 'em first. They're great in the summer with a tank top. You know me, I'm all for comfort. Fred thinks they're cute.

  5. I love that song! And I really love that your husband wrote it for you. That is just the sweetest thing! And you are a cutie in your overalls :)