Friday, July 9, 2010

Nigerian Dwarf bucklings for sale

I thought I'd use this title in case anyone doing a search on Google is looking for just what I have for sale.  Wally and Doodle are close to 6 weeks old so I need to start advertising them.  Last time I put ads in our local Southern States store and Tractor Supply, along with an ad on Craigslist.  They sold because of the ad on the bulletin board at Southern States.  All 3 neutered males went to the same farm.

These little bucklings are different.  They can be registered, come from a CAE negative herd, both of whom are beautiful, their mother is a pleasure to milk and their father comes from very impressive stock.   I'm thinking of placing this slideshow on my Craigslist ad if I decide to go that direction.  It includes pictures of their parents which I think buyers would like to see.  I also have a few other pictures on there I will remove before putting it in the ad.  I had them on there so a friend could see them.

If anyone came upon this via a search, I live in Southwest Va and you can reach me by commenting on this blog entry.  

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  1. You are so technically advanced. Will you teach me how to do videos? Who Could Resist??? They will fly out the door to the same farm.

  2. It is such a small world, Kpannabecker. I was searching for something non-goat related and saw an image of a goat that reminded me of Oreo Sandwich Cookie Ice Cream. I clicked on the image and it was YOU! Well, it was a goat, but your goat! I wonder if they are related through Mrs. G? Will wonders never cease?

  3. Laura, These bucklings did indeed come from a doe I got from Mollie. I wonder if they're related to yours. Their mom's name is Polly but I don't remember who her mom was.