Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happenings around the farm today

No real excitement happening here today, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  After milking and feeding everyone I moved the runner duck's paddle boat over to the magpie duck's area.  They aren't friends yet so they sleep in different locations.  I haven't seen the magpies in the boat yet but they drink out of it.  One of the ducks has a bum leg and pretty much stays in one place.  Every now and then she drags herself to the food or water but I keep those things close to her.  Today I picked her up but couldn't see anything wrong with her leg.  I put her in the boat but she was scared so I took her back out.  I'm hoping she'll heal.

Back in the house I heard a strange noise.  We keep our back door open in the morning to let some cool air in before it heats up.  This is what caused the noise.
After a 5 minute chase I finally caught the wren and released her.
Before it got too warm I put in a few more fence posts.  Only 7 more to go and I can complete the fence.
I hung a load of laundry on the line and I think it baked, I mean dried, in about 5 minutes.  Everything in our yard is baked.  Look at the grass.
The turkeys are forever standing in the goat's water bowls so today I put a galvanized tub in their fence.  One of the turkeys checked it out but didn't get in so I picked him up and put him in.  He just stood there until I lifted him out again 5 minutes later.  I wonder if he would have gotten out on his own.
Even though the goats have 5 gallon water buckets and some other smaller ones, I'm forever going out to refill them.  This might be why
The heat doesn't seem to bother the little chicks.  I see them and their mom wandering all over the place.  Their colors are really interesting to me.  They look nothing like any of the chickens who laid the eggs.  I can't wait to see what they grow up to look like and what color eggs they lay.  They should be an olive green color since our rooster is an Araucana which is a blue egg breed.
While I walked around taking pictures and piddling about this is what James was doing.
He may not look unhappy in the picture but he is.  He'll be glad when this book on the financial reform is done.  So will I.  He did take a break to make ice cream with me.

Our little babies are almost 6 weeks old so it's time to start thinking about selling the boys.  I took a few pictures of them to hang in Tractor Supply and Southern States.  Here's Wally.
                                                            And here's Doodle.

I see lightning out my window.  Maybe my rain dance today worked.  James said if it rains he's going to stand outside naked.  Sorry, no picture.

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  1. I'm coming to get Doodle. Hang on to him for me!