Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence day is for the birds....and the goats.

Yeah, today is Independence Day and I'm not happy about it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for my freedom and to live in America but I think my animals are taking this freedom thing to heart and I'm paying for it.

I'm beginning to question whether my fencing is adequate.  I guess I know the answer to that question and it's a big no.   I still haven't finished repairing the perimeter fencing to our pasture, partly because I want to use the old fencing I'm taking down from the boy's smaller fence and I have about 9 more fence post holes to dig in this very dry, very hard ground.  Yesterday I went out to check on the goats and saw that 3 of the boys had gotten out of the fence and were by the road eating honeysuckle to their heart's content.  I didn't think they'd go anywhere because goats stay near home.  HA!  I coaxed 2 of them back in with food but the 3rd, Shasta, was enjoying the green (which we have so little of right now since it's so dry) and wouldn't have any of it.  I ran to the house to change into pants to avoid poison ivy, one of the few things still growing right now.  I collected some fencing to make repairs too.  When I got back out there all the boys were charging back to their small fence like something scared them.  Shasta was nowhere to be found.  I looked up and down the road.  I was sure someone had stolen him because goats don't like being away from their family.  James came out to help me look with no luck.  I repaired the fence where he got out and a car stopped to ask me if I was missing a white goat.  Shasta was in the woods behind their house.  This was a good little run for him.  I hopped into my car with treats and a leash in hand.  He was scared to death and wouldn't come to me even though I had a pan full of sunflower seeds.  All this time I should have been home cooking dinner for friends who were coming to dinner.  I eventually caught him and all was well.  Dinner was late but that was ok.

Today I patched some more fence with the little fencing I have left.  There's still about 20 yards more I want to do.  While I was patching, one bronze turkey wouldn't leave me alone.  He/she kept pecking at my hands and getting between the old and newer fencing.  It probably took twice as long to do the job because of him.  Finally I picked him up and held him which seemed to make him very happy.  I tried memorizing his markings because I may just keep this guy or girl, a real pain but a sweetheart.

4:30PM today I got a phone call from a neighbor friend, "Karen, one of your turkeys is outside the fence".   How in the world could I ever work outside the home when I have to worry about rescuing animals regularly?  I should be thankful.  I read on Facebook today that a friend's cow got out of the fence at 2AM this morning.  Ok, that would really get my goat.  At least my animals have the decency to do it during the daylight.  Another person on a forum I follow had a cow get loose yesterday and it got hit and killed by a car and now may be facing charges.  Yikes! 

I'd like to suggest a new holiday -  It should begin tomorrow and be celebrated till I get all my ducks in a row.  Happy Containment Day to all you farmers.

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  1. Dylan and I were hand digging some steps - more like chipping wood than digging dirt.

    My dogs always got out. I've never figured out how to live so that I can lie around all day and make someone feed me and rub my belly, so at first I was thinking they could get out because they're smarter than I am.

    But then I realized that putting up a fence for dogs was just another chore for me, something I tried to finish as soon as possible, while getting out was the prime concern of their lives.

    So right now I'm thinking I'm smarter than the dogs.