Friday, June 12, 2009

A Perfect Day

All went as planned with a few nice surprises thrown in today. My lawnmower part came in so I picked that up but didn't put it on the tractor yet. I had too many other things I wanted to do. I got the rest of my lumber and concrete at Lowes and once again had some very nice men help me load up. While I was standing in line a woman came up and told me she had a $15.00 coupon that expired today and she couldn't use it and wanted to know if I could. You had to spend over $150.00 that's why she asked. She gave it to me and walked away. What a nice person.

I came home and started work on the goat shed. I was able to get the 16 feet long posts in the ground and plumb all by myself by using 2x4's screwed to them to hold them in place. I've posted a picture of this down below. I got about half of them done but not concreted in and then 2 men drove up our driveway. James was working in the garden and walked over to see who they were. They were relatives of the Cashes, the people who owned this house before us. Blain Barney (James thought he said Bonnie. He still has a hard time with accents.) who was 88 years old, and Frank Cash, who was 91 years old. I bet they stayed for and hour or hour and a half talking about the good old days, how they missed their deceased wives, RV's, and on and on while we listened. They were really sweet men. I exchanged address and phone numbers with Frank who lives about 2 hours away. He wants us to come stay with him sometime. When he left he said he'd be waiting to hear a ding-a-ling and held his hand to his ear. Their visit got me behind schedule but I enjoyed them both and was glad they stopped by.

I concreted in the 4 posts and then it started raining so I came in to make dinner. If it hadn't rained who knows when we would have had dinner because I was feeling driven to finish these posts so the concrete would be hard by tomorrow and I could do a lot more building. After dinner I got the other 4 posts in. Hooray! Tomorrow will be fun, hammers, nails and saws, my favorite.

I called a sawmill to order the siding and flooring and he said it would be done very soon. That was a surprise too. The only thing I have left to buy is the metal roofing. I could get this built in less than a week if all goes like it did today. Cool.

Oh yeah, sing it, sing it, sing it, yeah yeah, oh happy day, oh oh oh, oh happy day.

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