Saturday, June 13, 2009

James' garden

Even though I don't help much with the garden I thought I should put a few pictures on my blog of James' garden. In one of the pictures you'll see a garden packed with potatoes. We need to start eating some of them while they're still young. Sometimes we forget about those root vegetables. Unfortunately the carrots and beets didn't do too well this year. The beets that did grow look ready to eat. Right now our bumper crops are peas and lettuce. The green beans are tiny but on their way.

James spends many hours out there. I don't know how a person can hoe or weed for 7 hours straight and say they enjoy it. He told me last night he's writing something, Conversations with a garden (I think that's right). Maybe he'll start a blog and post what he's written on it.

Now, while I may not really like helping in the garden, I sure enjoy cooking it and eating it. I don't thank James enough for doing this so here it is, thank you.

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