Friday, September 18, 2020

Rex wants to show you his home.

Rex joined me for a short bit of my walk around the field this morning, so I'm going to let him give you a tour. 

You can't see me in this next picture because I'm probably hidden in all the goldenrod that has taken over
the field this month. It smells nice and my mom said it makes a nice tea, but I haven't tasted it. 

This is Butter. She came to live with us almost 2 years ago. She's a good girl and never bothers anyone. 
I'm pretty much the boss here, after my mom, but occasionally Raisa shoves me when I'm in her way. Most of the time I like her and Rory. We haven't had a baby cow since Rory was born here 2 years ago. Maybe next year. 
These guys can be headaches. They try to steal my food and they lie too close to me when it's hot.  A lot of people think the pigs are cute and give them a lot of attention and that makes me jealous. I don't think they're all that cute, though I have to admit, I did really like the babies when they were little. 
Behind me is my partner, Mayday. She and I are the very best of friends and play all the time. She lets the pigs steal her food. She's a much faster runner than I, but I bet I'm stronger.
I've never visited this campsite, but I can see it from my fence. I love having the campsite because it means people come visit me all the time. They feed me people food and bring kids. Mayday and I love kids and when they come in the fence we stay close by their sides.

More company this weekend. Hooray! I better take a nap now so I'm ready for them. 

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