Sunday, September 10, 2017

Oscar videos

Raisa and Oscar are doing great.  He seems so much bigger and livelier than our past calves.  Maybe I just forget from year to year.  Every time I try to get a video of him bouncing he stops just as I hit record.  I did get him running a bit.

Lennon and Mo are fascinated with him and keep trying to lick him through the fence.  You'll see in this next video how full Raisa's rear udder is.  Oscar isn't nursing off the back yet and she hasn't let me relieve her.  We go through this every year.

He's still friendly but doesn't stand still for long when I pet him.  Usually around 4 days old they become a bit skittish and I have to win them over, but so far he doesn't seem afraid of me.  They all come around eventually as long as I spend time with them.